Ryan’s Famous Tri-Tip

Follow my step by step instructions and you’ll be sure to impress at Thanksgiving!

  1. Get a pre marinated Tip Tip from R&R when they have them for $6.99 a pound
  2. Get yourself some match light briquettes
  3. Soak some good wood chips in a bowl of water
  4. Put said briquettes in your smoker and light that sucker
  5. Let them burn down to white hot coals
  6. Add the wood chips
  7. Hang your meat (lol)
  8. Take it off about 135-145 and wrap in tin foil
  9. Give it about 10 minutes and carve that baby open and enjoy!
  10. Forgot to mention, have several beers and play cornhole when the meat is smoking.
  11. Oh, and have your wife prepare the sides as you can barely handle this instruction. Probably because of the beers, NOT because you’re incompetent.

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