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Hey! My name is Jordan I have lived locally in the Nor Cal area my entire life, I grew up in Cottonwood I am the oldest of three Boys. For nearly twenty years we grew up about 15 miles out Bowman Road on a few acres. Our favorite thing to do was ride our ATV’s on our dirt track and see who could complete 10 laps the fastest. If we weren’t riding on the track we were arguing over whose turn it was on the Playstation. We had family that lived on neighboring properties so it was always a wild with all us kids hanging out every day. I attended Evergreen School District for K-8 and graduated 8th grade in 2010. High School was fantastic I attended West Valley High School in Cottonwood, where I met some of my best friends and no they weren’t the cows in the fields surrounding the school. Auto Shop and Computer Science proved to be my strong subjects. Around the time I was a Junior in H.S. we moved to beautiful Red Bluff where I reside to this day with my amazing girlfriend Ashley and son Zach out in the country just like when I was growing up.

I’m a tech guy so if I’m not elbows deep in a computer case tearing a computer apart or building one, you’ll find me spending time with family making the drive over to Crescent City for a few days and exploring the coastline and the redwoods, or having a bonfire at the house with friends and family around. Home cooking is huge in our family so we tend to venture into the local Raleys for ingredients for our latest experiment almost daily. I am a total music junkie and love to play the piano. One of my favorites is playing some Eagles with my brother Gabe on Guitar and myself on Piano.

Some of my favorite things to do is take a nice ride on the 4 wheeler into the hills behind our house and explore new ground looking for wildlife and exploring new ground.

                I love shooting photography but I prefer the older 35mm cameras over the new digital while slightly inconvenient because nobody develops film anymore locally I think the clarity and rawness of the picture is worth it. Taking a drive to Shasta Dam or Mt. Lassen trails make for a beautiful picture. During the summer months you’ll catch the guys and myself out Kayaking on Whiskeytown getting a line wet and Will and Dawson accusing me of forgetting the sunscreen again!