Special Announcement: Red gets new site, You Win


At the end of January 31, the Red Heads is ending.  A new and improved website debuts February 1.  The points program will be replaced with new and easier ways to register and win contests and interact with Red.   Here are answers to some likely questions you may have:

  • Will my points transfer to the new club?   No. The new website allows you to enter to win prizes without using points.  
  • Will my username be the same?  Yes-if your current username is your email address. If it is not, it is easy to update.  Our updated site will use your email address for login purposes.
  • Will my password be the same? No. For security reasons, we do not store passwords. After the new site debuts, current members will receive an email with a special link to click. That link will lead you to the right place to setup your own new password.  If you are not a current member, you can register to win a new contest with your email address and create a password.
  • Will my account information transfer? Yes, information such as your name, address, phone number, email address will transfer to the new site.
  • Should I setup a new account in the new club? No, this is not necessary and duplicate accounts are not allowed.
  • Will there any downtime? Our goal is to have no down time, but we cannot guarantee that. We are at the mercy of technology and human error. If there is downtime, please trust that we will be busily working to get back online. We will greatly appreciate your patience should there be any interruption of service. If there is, it will be as short as humanly possible. 
  • Any further questions?   Please email mreisz@resultsradio.com and we’ll respond asap.  

Now, for a few features we are excited about with the new red1031.com

  • Mobile friendly! The new site features (stream player, stories, contests, requests, etc.) will be mobile friendly, so interacting on your smartphone or tablet will be a much easier experience.
  • More Prizes Each Month! Yes, many more prizes.  Starting on day one we will have a chance for you to win a $4,000 New York Shopping Spree sweepstakes. This is just one example of a monthly sweepstakes you can enter to win.
  • Easier to enter! It will be much easier to enter.  You’ll no longer have to buy your entries one at a time. Yay!

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