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Red Heads

Welcome to the NEW!  Many of you know we have switched over to a new website and completely revamped the Red Heads.  The process was complicated, and YES, we had a few bugs.  That means some of your Red Head accounts didn’t survive the transfer, or you opted out of emails giving you details on the process.  It may take a minute or two, but we can help…we won’t leave you hanging. We’re so sorry, we appreciate you listening to Red and your loyalty…we’re sorry for the inconvenience!  

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below…they should solve most problems and provide answers…

Q: I can’t log in with my old account info…What do I do now?

A: It’s time to rejoin the Red Heads…Follow these steps: 

CLICK THE RED HEADS BUTTON ON THE RED1031.COM HOME PAGE.  THEN CLICK “JOIN TODAY” (it’s in red on the right hand side). IGNORE THE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER LINKS AND HIT THE SMALL BLUE LINK TO JOIN WITH A USER NAME AND PASSWORD. Follow the rest of the instructions, choose Red as the channel choice, and set it as default channel.

Q: I had lots of points…How do I get them back with my new account?

A: Once you see that you are a new member, hit the  “ABOUT”  button, choose “HELP” from the dropdown menu. A new page will pop up…click the GREEN “Leave a Message” button on the lower right and request that your previous points amount be restored to you. Your message will be sent to our web gods…In most instances, it has taken a couple of hours to get a response confirming retrieval of your points. 

Q: I used to be able to listen and win with contests like the Red Artist of the Day.  Can I do that now?

A: Listen and Win contests will be returning VERY SOON!

Q: Where can I spend my POINTS?

A: Once you start navigating the Red Heads, you’ll notice many new ways to earn and spend POINTS.  You can spend now, and even more items like concert tickets, CD’s, and prize packages are being added just for you.